Sunies :: Greek-German project Fuel Cell Island Energy Systems
Sunies :: Greek-German project Fuel Cell Island Energy Systems


The main activities in order to implement the aforementioned scientific objectives include: 


1) Screening of different island conditions and determination of basic boundary conditions (demand profiles in electricity, heat, refrigeration) to be used as basis for design


2) SOFC-MGT testing and operation optimization at different conditions including different loads and different fuels (different NG qualities, biogas)


3) SOFC modeling and thermal cycle calculation of following configurations: - Highest efficiency electricity generation through the “triple cycle concept” (SOFC+MGT+ST) - High efficiency combined power, heat to cover “island type” process heat demands, drinking water and refrigeration through absorption chillers, following a flexible, poly-generation concept. The SOFC modeling will focus on the utilization of different feedstock fuels and evaluation of the operational parameters (e.g. in the reformer) for the best performance.


4) Modeling of the reverse mode (SOEC) for the production and storage of hydrogen is another key activity.



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