Sunies :: Greek-German project Fuel Cell Island Energy Systems
Sunies :: Greek-German project Fuel Cell Island Energy Systems


WP1 - Coordination covers the management, financial monitoring and administration of the project to ensure an efficient execution. The Project Management includes tasks, such as communication among partners, organization of kick-off meetings and project reports.


WP2 - Screening and determination of boundary conditions sets the boundaries conditions of the fuel cell operation.  The island cases are being selected and the most suitable configurations will be adapted to the specific needs of the islands system and will be evaluated for the following operation options: a)electricity only with highest efficiency (triple cycle), b) combined heat and power c) combined power and refrigeration d) SOEC operation.


WP3 - Testing Fuel Cell aims to test the configuration being set by WP2 for different fuels and operation modes. The SOFC Hybrid System performance (electrical-, thermal output, efficiency, stability, degradation) and flexibility will be investigated by using different fuels (Biogas, different NG compositions,NH3 etc.) under different boundary conditions and considering thermal and battery storage.The operating parameters of fuel cell and micro GT will be evaluated and used as an input in WP 4. Additionally, WP3 role is the validation of the modelling results of WP4.


WP4 - Modelling considers the modelling of the fuel cell operation for all applications intended in steady state and dynamic conditions as well as the energy production / distribution and consumption of a typical Greek island aiming to optimize the whole energy island system. The dynamic analysis of the fuel cell operation will include dynamic investigations of the total system (energy production, distribution and consumption) following the expected load profiles for electricity, heat, refrigeration and desalination in each examined case on the basis of the commercial software (i.e. Apros), the dem0nstration of a smart integration of fuel cell in the energy distribution grid and the development of  future scenarios demonstrating the increase of RES Generation combined
with SOEC operation.


WP5 - Technical and Economical Evaluation of the proposed concepts evaluates the proposed concepts in terms of plant efficiency for the power generation option (as a SOFC), storage and overall cycle efficiency for the reversible operation (as a SOEC), based on financial parameters and optimization towards increasing competitiveness, prepares an indicative budget indication for the island cases and compares technically and economically the fuel cell island concepts with other competitive technologies (e.g. other type of fuel cells, CCGTs, batteries). Also a life cycle costing will complete the evaluation of the proposed concepts.


WP6: Dissemination acts as the promoter of the results of the project to the local communities, the research society and the industry, increasing the social and public awareness in the islands. ωalue-added benefits of SOFC and SOEC applications to island communities will be demonstrated, providing extended information to technical staff, academia and industry about the activities and results of the project, informing a wide base of stakeholders and end-users, not only focused on island systems.


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