Sunies :: Greek-German project Fuel Cell Island Energy Systems
Sunies :: Greek-German project Fuel Cell Island Energy Systems



General Objectives


The scope of the project is the development of integrated solutions based on the SOFC technology, to be tailored for island energy systems. Due to the new concept higher efficiency and flexibilityshould be achieved compared to the existing solutions. Towards this goal different configurations will be assessed on technical and economic terms:

  1. The base concept composed of an SOFC and a Micro-Gas Turbine (Hybrid SOFC-System),
  2. The ultra-high efficiency “triple cycle concept”
  3. Highly flexible cycles for combined production of electricity, heat, refrigeration and water according to the demands of the islands and
  4. Future cycles based on the reverse/reversible mode of operation of the Solid Oxide Cell as electrolyser (SOEC) towards utilization of excess electricity produced from RES for local hydrogen production and storage


Scientific Objectives


A) Proving the operability of a Hybrid-SOFC-System prototype (250 kWe) under specific fuel and load conditions


The Hybrid-SOFC prototype operation will be investigated under specific fuel and load conditions relevant to an island operation in a test facility. Further optimisation of the plant operation will be carried out, in order to match conditions relevant to the island cases.


B) Development of new SOFC concepts for island applications


The particular development includes modeling activities under steady state and dynamic conditions and concept validation based on specific test cases. Following configurations are taken into account:

The highly flexible “base concept” composed of a SOFC and a Micro-GT (MGT) so-called Hybrid-SOFC System with a special design, with which the cogeneration of heat and/or refrigeration is feasible for specialized island applications. Furthermore the utilization of produced water from vapor condensation in the SOFC-MGT system will also be included.
The highest efficiency “Triple Cycle Concept”, with which an efficiency of approx. 70% is possible. The “Triple Cycle” is possible through the combination of a SOFC as a topping cycle to a GT and steam cycle (SOFC+MGT+ST).


C) Feasibility assessment of a reversible SOFC/SOEC concept on medium to large scale island applications


The SOFC/SOEC concept will be simulated towards enabling hydrogen production and storage, avoiding RES curtailment, facilitating grid stabilization and further increasing of renewable feed-ins in the island systems.

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